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Explo Service – Technical maintenance of buildings

EXPLO SERVICE is one of the largest companies providing comprehensive technical maintenance services for office, warehouse and commercial as well as residential buildings in Warsaw. With growing demand for these types of services over recent years we transformed our company to adapt it to the requirements of investors and building owners.

EXPLO SERVICE employs specialists from across all disciplines to ensure the building functions smoothly and safely. The company’s employees enjoy long standing professional experience which places us high in the ranking of companies involved in this business. At the heart of our success lie commitment to meet our Client’s needs and hard work to fulfil these requirements. Our specialists offer services in line with their experience and expertise in the field of general construction and specialist technical services.


  • Supervision, system operation and maintenance:
    • heating systems,
    • ventilation / air conditioning,
    • cooling systems,
    • automation and control,
    • fire systems,
    • low voltage installations,
    • electrical and energetic installations,
    • water and sewing installations.
  • Technical consultations at facility final acceptance.
  • Technical advisory services with regard to new investments.
  • Construction supervision services of investments launched with regard to electrical and sanitary installations.
  • Preparation of the design project for new investments or installation expansion.
  • Development and upgrading of installations and equipment.

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